Paul PG Gauthier

I’m an Associate Research Scholar in the Department of Geosciences at Princeton University. My background is in plant physiology from a molecular level to the environment. My research focuses on quantifying and understanding the inhibition of respiration in the light in plants in the context of Climate Change. Some of my interests include the importance of respiration in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, the biochemistry of C/N balance in leaves, and the maintenance of C balance in closed systems. I use Python programming to record data from a series of sensors connected to a Raspberry Pi and to process, present and interpret data collected from these sensors or from long-term CO2/O2 measurements. I am also using Python on a daily basis to process data from our local Climate Change Models (ED2 and LM3).

Quentin Caudron

I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Grenfell Group within the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology when we started the community. My background is in physics and computer science. My research interests included the modelling of epidemic disease dynamics, time series analysis, image processing, statistical inference, and, recently, embedded computing. I use Python on a daily basis for the vast majority of my computational work.